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Traditional Riding Macs

Riding Macs.
Ideal for hunting, exercising, spectating and all country wear !
In the traditional off white or fawn and now in colours as well.

The old, well proven favourite..
smart, stylish, waterproof, hard wearing.

Standard sizes/lengths
or made to measure at a small extra charge !

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Traditional Riding Macs

Beautifully tailored, these elegant full-length belted riding macs bring back the classical style of the discerning rider of a by-gone age.
Handmade from 100% waterproof double texture rubberised cotton, the seams are carefully solutioned and taped to ensure a tough, hardwearing, waterproof and windproof garment. With a choice of either generous flapped pockets or welt pockets let in to the side, this mackintosh is smart and totally functional.
Cut to flatter you and provide full protection from the elements whilst riding.

Equestrian features
A full skirt and saddle flap to cover the cantle
A high storm collar with stitched throat fastening
Inner wind cuffs
Adjustable leg straps with sturdy leather buckle fastening

These traditional mackintoshes require no re-proofing and if used in accordance with the care label inside each garment will give years of service. They can be easily sponged or lightly scrubbed clean.

If you prefer a beltless three-quarter length mackintosh then this is available as The Devon. Totally workman-like, it has the same equestrian features as The Suffolk illustrated above.

Standard sizes available in all styles are:-

Bust/Chest: 34in, 36in, 38in, 40in, 42in, 44in, and 46in.
Children's mackintoshes can be made up in any size requested.

All mackintoshes can be made up in non-standard sizes and to your exact specification at a small extra charge.

We can make up a shorter length jacket -THE NEWMARKET, if desired, in hunting red or the appropriate colour for your pack. Ideal for a long day in the rain and wind with its storm cuffs, throat tab, saddle flap and leg straps.

We offer non-riding macs in either of the fabrics mentioned above or in a single texture. The most popular of these are what we describe as 'Walking Macs' - ideal for walking the dogs, enjoying the countryside or protection on a rainy day. These mackintoshes are handmade to the same high specification as the Riding Macs but do not include the equestrian features.

Optional features at a small extra charge can include-higher collars, cord collars, detachable hoods, sou'westers, back vent, sleeve straps etc.
Styles available include a Full Military Trench Coat, a Coachman's Mackintosh, Single Breasted Trench Coats also elegant town Mackintoshes for both Ladies and Gentlemen.


Heavyweight double texture fabric in either off-white or fawn with a yellow lining is the traditional choice for the riding mackintosh. Of increasing popularity is the equally tough and hard wearing lightweight double texture cloth. This is proving to be many people's choice possibly because it is more pliable and therefore considered by some to be more comfortable. For all equestrian and country use we recommend the double texture cloth.

In lightweight double texture we offer the following choice of colours :-Fawn, off-white, navy, scarlet and black.

In heavyweight double texture there is fawn, off-white and yellow.

Lightweight single texture is available in fawn, off-white, dark navy, red and black. This fabric is very suitable for Walking Macs.
Other specialist fabrics are available.


Prices 2004
Riding Mackintoshes
Suffolk (full length, belted, with flapped pockets)
Devon (¾ length, with flapped pockets)
Lincoln (full length, belted, with welt pockets)
Exeter (¾ length, with welt pockets)
Note: Other designs and non standard sizes are available - Contact Dark Horse for details.
Walking Mackintoshes
Please request our Walking Macs brochure for full details of over 20 styles.
Osborne (full length, belted, with flapped pockets)
Hereford (¾ length, with flapped pockets)
Ascot (full length, belted, with welt pockets)
Newmarket (Jacket length, single breasted, raglan sleeve, flapped pockets, corduroy collar)
Additional Styles
Sandringham (full military trench coat, double breasted, raglan sleeve, epaulettes, welt pockets, sleeve straps and belted)
Wetherby (full length, single breasted, trench coat, raglan sleeves, epaulettes, sleeve straps, welt pockets, belt)
Riding Apron (see also Hunting Apparel)
£12 per MAC.
The Suffolk The Suffolk The Devon Red Devon Blue Suffolk